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Discover the
Dugimago Chromatic Set

Experience Handpan melodic freedom.

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An all around professional option, allow players to give their best anywhere at any time.



Sustain paired with balanced and stable tonefields makes this model easy to learn with and an upgrade to your professional sounds.

About us

The first company based in Portugal specialized in Handpan making, selling, development and research, since 2015.


At Dugimago we produce high quality handpans for beginner, intermediary and professional players. Our handpans sit amongst the best worldwide in terms of sound and structure quality, and also in terms of price/quality offer. We also regularly conduct research and product development contributing to the improvement and evolution of the musical instrument which then reflects on the high end overall quality of the Handpans we offer through personalized orders and flash sales.

We offer a set of services related to this musical instruments, such as retuning services, purchase guidance.

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