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An all around professional option, allow players to give their best anywhere at any time.



Sustain paired with balanced and stable tonefields makes this model easy to learn with and an upgrade to your professional sounds.

About us

One of the best sound sculptures in Europe and the first company specialized in Handpan making in Portugal


 Making sound sculptures since 2015, the fundamental pilar of our company has been the development, research and inovation of the instrument alongside with a superior quality and unbeatable prices. That's why Dugimago came to fruition, with the vision set in the future and the the commitment to professionalism and detailed sculpting in the present, not only to offer to the people of Portugal the opportunity to enjoy our services but also people from all over the world, regardless their age or social class.

 We commit to the best products for the lowest price and will never sell an instrument that isn't of the highest quality. Join our musical family by attending to one of our workshops, live performances or buying one of our sound sculptures. Get in contact with us to know more.


 I could not recommend Dugimago highly enough. I did lots of research online and looked into companies all over Europe. I read about Dugimago and, as it wasn't too far away, I went down to meet Duarte and visit his workshop just outside Lisbon. Duarte took lots of time to talk me through different types of hand pans, how they work, the minor and major keys and really listened to what I was looking for. A few months later I returned and he had sculpted the perfect hand pan - beautifully crafted and with an incredibly rich sound - even better than I'd hoped for. If in doubt, wherever you are in the world, order one from Dugimago - it will be worth it! Thanks Duarte :)

Alex Reynolds


Our services

Learn how to play

 From beginner to advanced techniques, learn how to get the most out of your sound sculpture from the comfort of your home. Learn to grow and develop your specific playing style adapted to the characteristics and scale of your instrument. You don't know anything about music? Don't worry, it is not a pre-requisite, you'll still be able to learn how to play your instrument and, at the same time, you'll music theory applied to your instrument.


Retuning and Repairing

 Wether you have a top shelf instrument or a sculpture from a craftsman who just started, a handpan with notes in the 2nd octave or a pantam with notes on the 6th octave, made in nitrided steel, raw steel, inox, chromed, or any other material, we are able to retune your instrument, and commit to do it with the most professional and detailed level. We have a wide experience in retuning and repairing damaged or simply out of tune sound sculptures from different levels of building and brands.

Personalized orders

 As a taylor can materialize a cloth drawing so we can materialize the handpan you imagine for yourself. If you already have a handpan designed your way or you'd like a scale that you can't find in our shop, or if you come up with a scale of your own we can make your thoughts come true. We are able to make virtually any scale from F2 to D6 and do it with professional and top shelf level. So tell us about your idea and we give you our professional advice on such, and a quotation so you can make your dreams come true. 


A new way of making music

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Rua António José Saraiva 49C 2810-340, Almada, Portugal

00351 933317289

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