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Thankfulness in Nature

Listen to "Thankfulness in Nature" by Simone Alani, Shingo Masuda, Juanyog, played with 2 Dugimago Vida and 1 Qanun

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Flavio Salvaje

Flavio Salvaje visited Dugimago warehouse to have a instrument retuned and tried our instruments, here is a video with a Dugimago Ember F pentatonic minor.

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Eleven Tales

 Eleven Tales, make music day, sort of live performance video, is an amazing blend of inspirational and epic music composition by the composer, musician, producer, one and only Tomás Almeida.

 An early version of Dugimago is used in this song.

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Luis O Brito (Live)

 Luis O Brito live performance with the latest version of Dugimago VIDA at the Dugimago headquarters 


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 Gil n White, a duo project featuring Duarte Gil and Johnny White.


 This theme was released during the spring of 2018.


 It's a perfect blend of guitar and Handpan. The sound is so so rich, it is a majore testimony to the fact the sound sculpture has a voice when it comes to pop music styles, and that its potential goes well beyond being a solo instrument.

 This theme was played with an early version of a Dugimago sound sculpture.

Raining Stars

 Appart from being the maker of Dugimago sound sculptures Gil also plays and composes music.

 Raining Stars is a chill theme featuring a Dugimago sound sculpture, guitar, bass, piano, voice, synths and beats.

Sleeping Roses

 Gil with yet another one of he's tracks bringing us what Dugimago has to offer along side with guitar and beats.  

 This theme was released in 2020


Duarte Gil playing Handpan
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