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Dugimago Handpan being made

Number of notes

Let us know how many notes you want in your soundsculpture


Let us know the scale you want

your soundsculpture to be based on

Sheet Music
Dugimago Handpan being made

Placement and structure

Let us know where you want your notes ideally placed

Beginner, Professional

It's your first handpan? Don't worry we will guide you through the process and find what's best for you.

Your a professional musician? Let us know every detail your looking for.

Dugimago being played
Women holding Dugimago Handpan

Our guidance and quote

We will give you our practical guidance and quote so you can order the sound sculpture of your dreams.

Making process

We will make your sound sculpture with professionalism and detail

Dugimago Being air hammered
Dugimago Handpan

Your Sound Sculpture

Your sound sculpture is ready

Personalized orders: Products
Dugimago handpan

Contact us to place your order

Rua António José Saraiva 49C 2810-340, Almada, Portugal

00351 933317289

Thanks for submitting!

Personalized orders: Contact
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