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Handpan being retuned

Re - Tuning Services

 At Dugimago, we understand the importance of maintaining your handpan's optimal sound quality. Over time, and depending on the build quality of your handpan, this may fall out of tune due to regular use, changes in temperature, or other environmental factors. We can help you bring your handpan back to perfect harmony with our professional re-tuning services.

Re - tuning example

Re - tuning example

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 Our Re-Tuning Process

 With years of experience working with handpans and proficiency in the art of restoring instruments to their original tonal quality and using a combination of specialized tools, we meticulously adjust each note to achieve the perfect balance of pitch, resonance and stability.

 Service Options

  1. Standard Re-Tuning Service: This service covers minor tuning adjustments for handpans with only a few notes out of tune. Our team will carefully assess and adjust each note to restore your instrument's harmony.

  2. Comprehensive Re-Tuning Service: If your handpan requires extensive tuning adjustments, our comprehensive re-tuning service is designed to address all issues. This service includes a thorough assessment of your handpan, complete tuning restoration, and a final quality check to ensure optimal performance.


 How to Request Re-Tuning Services


 To request our handpan re-tuning services, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact our customer support team by filling in the form bellow, with a description of your handpan's tuning issues and, if possible, attach a video or audio recording of your instrument, alternatively you can send us an email to [].

  2. Our team will assess your handpan's tuning needs and provide a quote for the appropriate service.

  3. If you decide to proceed with the re-tuning service, you will receive instructions on how to securely package and ship your handpan to our tuning facility.


 Shipping Information

 Customers are responsible for shipping costs when sending their handpans to Dugimago for re-tuning services. We recommend using a reliable carrier and purchasing insurance to protect your instrument during transit. Please ensure your handpan is packaged securely to prevent damage.

 Turnaround Time

 The turnaround time for our re-tuning services depends on the complexity of the tuning adjustments required. Standard re-tuning services typically take 1-2 business days, while comprehensive re-tuning services may take 3-7 business days. This timeframe does not include shipping time.


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