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(D3) A3 Bb3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 

 D minor also known as Kurd or D Aeolian, along with it's transposed versions, it is speculated to be the most present scale in handpans worldwide, for this reason it's often refered to as a beginer friendly scale because it is farely common to find handpan classes thaught with this scale as well as fellow handpan players with whom we can play together.


 It is a scale which sound and vibes are identifiable with the occidental music scene. With an appealing mysterious sound and both an amusing and tention scent mixed in what is a very intriguing soundscape, this is a scale that allows for an alternation between introspective and happier moods even in it's most basic form with 8 tones.

Dugimago Vida - D minor (8 + Ding) (Case Included)

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VAT Included
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    •  Nitrided steel
    •  54 cm diameter

     Avoid direct sunlight to prevent momentary material dilation and detuning. To clean use a microfiber cloath with a drop of almond oil and apply it evenly in both the top and bottom of your sound sculpture. Avoid the use of alcohol to clean your instrument. This is an instrument with a professional level that will allow for both beginner and professional players to express themselfs easily and with a top level, might it be in solo or in band contexts, in stage, in street performances, in studio, in relaxation environments or in home practice. With a very balanced response of the note membranes both in volume control and sound clearity.

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